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Rose Joghurt Cosmetics

Hand cream

Complex of activeS nourishes, hydrates, smoothes, regenerates

So, how do essential oils work? These are the two fundamental mechanisms, as they are mediated respectively by the body and the mind: pharmacologycal and psychological

Hand cream

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Rose Joghurt hand cream 75 m

Rose Joghurt hand cream 75 ml

Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Yoghurt, Argan Oil, Squalene and Lactil.

An irreplaceable care for skin. The complex of active ingredients nourishes, hydrates, smoothest and regenerates skin. Rose oil and natural rose water soothes skin, fight actively against the harmful effect of the environment. Lactil is a patented ingredient with a powerful hydrating action. It helps to retain moisture in skin cells and regulates water balance. Argan oil and squalene restore lipid balance, rejuvenate hands' skin and protect it from premature aging. Regular use of hand cream ROSE JOGHURT gives softness and elasticity of skin. system!

We grow, care for, and distill aromatic materials from twenty-one plant varieties: essential oils, hydrosols (lyophilization as well), dried herbs. Certified organic and conventional. Advanced orders prior to collection month of the plant as little as 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) of EO’s, 200 kg of hydrosols, or 10 kg of dried herb. More about advanced orders aromatics