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Bulgarian Rose oil Cosmetics

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How do essential oils work? These are the two fundamental mechanisms, as they are mediated respectively by the body and the mind: pharmacologycal and psychological.

Bulgarian Rose Plc

Bulgarian Rose Plc banenr

Rose oil Cosmetics, Aromatic products, Aromatherapy and Essential oils manufacturing, Flower waters, Flavors and Fragrances. The standard bearer of the Bulgarian Rose oil a 350 year old Bulgarian tradition. Conventional and organic aromatic materials: essential oils, flower waters, concretes and absolutes are materials we supply usually on large scale, but we serve many small proprietors in cosmetics, perfumery and industry. Now the Research laboratory is accredited in accordance with the International standard BDS EN ISO /IEC 17025:2001 by the Bulgarian Department of Accreditations with Accreditation certificate BSA Reg. No 63-LI (17) valid until October 31, 2012 and regularly renewed since.

Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc

Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc banenr

Established in 2012 as natural continuation of the Bulgarian Rose idea to expand upon the expertise and long term experience in cosmetics and aromatics with specialization in organics, expedited implementation of ideas from development to market, capabilities to serve demand for private labeling. European (Ceres) and USDA certification were obtained for gardens and fields. The distillation facilities were remodeled and reequipped with machinery suitable for organic production of essential oils and flower waters. State of the art production facilities were built for cosmetics in any format.

Bulgarian Rose oil

Rose oil is one of the most exquisite fragrances Earth has ever emanated. We have evolved it in an art of aroma and a beauty of sensation. Precious substance from a fragile enriched by Mother Nature queen of flowers! Aromatics from Roses are a Bulgarian tradition of over 350 years old!

Bulgarian Rose oil
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