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Be Rose Cosmetics

Be Rose hydrating cream

Skin hydrating cosmetics

So, how do essential oils work? These are the two fundamental mechanisms, as they are mediated respectively by the body and the mind: pharmacologycal and psychological

Hydrating cream

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Be Rose hydrating cream 50 ml

Be Rose hydrating cream 50 ml

Natural rose water, Q10, Rosehip oil, vitamins A and E, rose oil, intensively hydrating Lactil® factor, almond oil, avocado oil, shea oil.

Moisturizing cream Be Rose. Active ingredients: natural rose water, Q10, natural rose hip oil, natural rose oil, vitamin A, vitamin C, hydrating complex LACTIL®. Moisturizing cream designed for nourishing and moisturizing facial skin. Active hydrating complex LACTIL® restores the natural hydro balance of the skin and restores vitality of skin. Apply daily in the evening on cleansed face and neck with gentle massage movements. system!

We grow, care for, and distill aromatic materials from twenty-one plant varieties: essential oils, hydrosols (lyophilization as well), dried herbs. Certified organic and conventional. Advanced orders prior to collection month of the plant as little as 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) of EO’s, 200 kg of hydrosols, or 10 kg of dried herb. More about advanced orders aromatics