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Bulgarian Aromatic Materials

Growing and distilling 21 plants

Advanced orders essential oils, hydrosols, flower waters, dried herbs

We grow the plants in our own gardens, we care for the plants, we collect plant material, we distill aromatics, we extract aromatics. We offer:

Essential oils, Hydrosols, Freeze dired flower waters, Dried herbs.

Essential oils, hydrosols, and herbs: 21 plant varieties

Biogenic Stimulants Inc. of Bulgaria and USA and Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc program for aromatic materials. Secure your material for future delivery at special price. Minimal deposit required, price and delivery guaranteed.

Essential oils

Hydrosols and waters

Dried herbs

Aromatics advanced orders

You wish to pre-order 10 kilograms of Chamomile dried herbal material. Material is gathered in the month of May for drying. Order needs to be placed by April.

We require the purchase of a $50.00 contract per 10 kilograms of material that we will produce. If your material need is for 30 kg then 3 advanced contracts must be purchased.

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You have now an order with us to produce 10 kg of herbal material at $22.99 per kg = $229.90 less $50.00 deposit.

We produce the material, invoice you for balance due, and deliver.

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Minimum order contracts:

How do essential oils work? These are the two fundamental mechanisms, as they are mediated respectively by the body and the mind: pharmacologycal and psychological.

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