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Bulgarian Rose oil Cosmetics and Aromatics: Bulgarian Rose Plc and Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd - the next level in aromatics. Created in 1948 in the Valley of Roses, Bulgaria the Bulgarian Rose Company is an expert in the field of Aromatics, and have developed exclusive cosmetic lines in our own laboratories.

Bulgarian cosmetics with rose oil

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Bulgarian rose water

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Bulgarian rose oil

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Advanced orders aromatics, flower waters & herbs

Conventional and organic aromatic materials: essential oils, flower waters, concretes and absolutes supplied in cosmetics, perfumery and industry. Extensive experience and capabilities are behind our chain of production and supply. Of course, the famous Bulgarian Rose oil at RoseOil.eu.com, as well as the Lavender.eu.com. Our list of aromatics may be rewiewed at EssentialOils.eu.com, and our flower waters at FlowerWaters.com.

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